iSTEM Support

Round 8 (EETT) Competitive Grant

  1. All instructional questions may be addressed by your iSTEM Lead Coach, Coach Team, or the ITAF assigned to your local district. You may find their contact information on our Personnel page.

  2. EdTech Profile - a California Department of Education Technology Service (SETS) project, provides educational administrators with tools that guide their decisions about how to integrate technology into classroom instruction and how to create and evaluate effective teacher technology training programs.

  3. For Instructional material, please refer to the iSTEM Resources page.

  4. Learning Zone Registration - New iSTEM register here  for the online orientation

Hardware and Software Solutions
  1. For all Single Sign On issues, email, taking role, ISIS, etc., please contact Technical Support Service Desk @ 213-241-5200.

  2. Please refer to the Resources link for all iSTEM hardware / software issues, contact your Technology Coordinator, iSTEM Coach or the ITD - Technical Support Service Desk.

  3. For Laptop order/warranty status, please visit Arey Jones Educational Solutions

  4. For all operational questions regarding hardware / software, please refer to the Resources, Equipment and/or Podcast links. There are additional links from the manufacturer with manuals, tutorials, etc.

Frequently Visited Sites
Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs
  1. Where do I find contact information for all the iSTEM resources? Go to our sustainability page

  2. How do I access my EETT Round VIII Moodle? Go to

  3. How do I contact LAUSD’s Technical Support? Go to or call 213-241-5200

  4. Where do I go to open a Trouble Ticket? Go to

  5. Where can I find data for my school and my students? Go

  6. How do I administer the Student EdTech Profile? Please see Podcast Tutorial

  7. How do I find information about iSTEM Equipment? For all General Equipment and Vendor Information, please refer to the Resources link

  8. How do I import my classes into Easy Grade Pro? Please see Podcast Tutorial

  9. How do I use Gizmos to enhance my instructional program? Please see Gizmos Correlations

  10. What are Google Docs? Please see Podcast Tutorial

  11. Where can I download lessons to present on my SmartBOARD? Smart Technologies host many lessons for teachers to download. Click the Smart Tech link to access the lessons.

  12. How do I integrate The Futures Channel into my instructional program? Please see The Futures Channel Orientation.

  13. Where do I find education resources for Inspiration? Please see Inspiration link

  14. Where can I find manuals, tutorials, etc.for my MacBook, iBook and PC? Please see Resources

  15. Where do I find iSTEM Epson projector warranty repair information? Call the EPSON Private Line Technical Support number 1-800-637-7661. Please see Resources link for additional information.

  16. What is the procedure for reporting a computer theft? Please see Computer Theft page

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