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Round 8 (EETT) Competitive Grant


Gizmos - Interactive Web-Based Virtual Manipulative

Each iSTEM teacher received a subscription to Gizmos interactive simulations for  their classroom. Students can sign up to access the gizmos designated by a teacher by using a class code provided by that teacher. Students can access the gizmos site and manipulatives at home as well as at school. Each gizmo simulation contains a use guide and a set of questions and situations to guide student learning. Mini-quizzes are also provided  for most simulations.

Information from ExploreLearning:

ExploreLearning offers a catalog of modular, interactive simulations in mathematics and science for teachers and students in grades 6-12. These simulations are called Gizmos. Gizmos are fun, easy to use, and flexible enough to support many different teaching styles and contexts.  Gizmos are designed as supplemental curriculum materials that support state and national curriculum standards; in addition, Gizmos help teachers bring research-proven instructional strategies to their classrooms.

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